Installing your Sign

  • House Proud Signs recommends installations be performed by a professional, but many of our ‘handy’ customers find it easy to install the products we sell.
  • Some of our products do come with mounting instructions and/or hardware, however some do not. Our product pages may offer hardware suggestions if it is not included. You may require a masonry bit and anchors if installing into brick or stone.
  • House Proud Signs cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the installation process. Please ensure you have the appropriate installation plan, tools and hardware for mounting your House Proud product(s).

Installing the Ritchie, Crispan and Fuji Signs:

These hangers have angled slots to trap #6 flat head screws. Screws are not provided as they will differ according to the substrate the sign is being fastened to.
The instructions are pretty straightforward:

1. Measure the distance between the slots.
2. Pre-drill the holes in the surface you are attaching to, insert plugs if necessary.
3. Screw in no 6 screws leaving the head proud and mount sign.