GARAMOND : Simply Elegant

Garamond is a style of typeface derived from the work of Claude Garamond. Claude Garamond was born about 1510 and worked as an engraver of punches and also collaboratively as a publisher and bookseller. 
Garamond designed type in the roman, or upright style, in italic, and Greek.

Garamond by Herbert F Johnson

Since the 16th Century, GARAMOND typefaces have been celebrated for their excellent readability, elegance, and character. The Garamond stroke widths resemble handwriting and the effect is organic and unadorned. Celebrated for centuries, Garamond typefaces are refined, comely and classic. 

Gamand : Simply Elegant

Handsome and cultivated, GARAMOND is a timelessly appealing typeface.
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 Garamond cast metal House Numbers

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