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Rippling through our imaginations is the essential and elemental theme of water. This design trend celebrates sea and surf. Still pools and icy imagery inspire clarity, rest and reflection. Evoking boats and waves in a space invites a sense of expansiveness, movement and exploration. Now turn off your mind, relax and float down stream...

Where To Find It : 
Water inspired carpets and area rugs. 
Nautical themed accessories. Paddles, Roping, lacquered wood.
Watery and icy glass, ceramics and tiles. 
Boat imagery. 
Shades of Blue
Accessories, art and textiles with an oceanic theme: sea creatures, shells, coral.
Fluid lines, shapes and curves.

'Reflection' silk and wool carpet by Weaver's Art.



Beautiful bent ash and Atlantic Ocean sea glass lit mobile by South Street Boatbuilders.

Missoni Lola Beach Towel. John Paul and Co.

Surfboard table spotted at True North Prototype Exhibit IDS13.

Icy turquoise tiles.

'Vie' by Brigitte Theriault Fine Photography.

'Shells' glass pendant chandelier by AM Studio Lighting.

Coil Rope Bowl from Areaware. Magic Pony.

Paddle Bench by Samare Studio.

Waterfall wall covering by Creative Matters.

Loom Chair by Laura Carwardine.

Iceberg lamp by Carlo Nason from Caviar20.

Table by O'Neill Furniture Design.

'Hull' Light by South Street Boatbuilders at IDS13.

Wave Chaise by Andrew Richard Designs.

Marble Slab at IDS13.

Brass Crab Necklace by E.M Jewelry. Magic Pony.

Bety Light by Arturo Alvarez. Eurolite.

400 Ans by Brigitte Theriault.


Water is an essential and organic interior design element. It's effect is a soak in cool contemplation or a splash of adventure.

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