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Warm and rustic evocations of our home and native land were sprinkled throughout the Interior design Show like freshly fallen snowflakes. This look is cozy and wild like a log cabin in the woods. True North style takes it's cues from the natural enviroment and invites us back to simpler times. Nevermind that the show was in Toronto in the middle of winter! This trend brings a feeling of heritage and a soulful, natural beauty to any space- any time of year.

Where To Find It : 
Carved wood pieces. 
Pieces inspired by trees and forests.
Wool upholstery and blankets. Hudson's Bay stripes. Flannels.
Native and inuit symbols and imagery. 
Deep Red with black and/or white.
Fur throws and rugs.
Depictions of Canadian wildlife like bears, deer, owls and totem animals.

The Alberta 1 Rug by Fugitive Glue is an aerial perspective of Tar Sands mining operations near Fort Mac Murray. Modallion Rug Gallery.
Castor USB hub with trophy stag and limestone base. Push Creative.
Hand Carved Deer Head. Style Garage.
R-Mountie Stool. Samare Studio.
Polar Bear in the Fendi Booth.
Reindeer hide rug.
The KO table by InElement Design was created in the image of a Canadian Forest.
Art on display at IDS13.
The Station Chair by Trunk Studio was 'inspired by the Canadian wilderness.'
Carved side table by Merganzer.
Spirit Bear by Royal Mint. Handmade in Montreal with soft blue wool. Magic Pony.

Like a native drum, this Northern Canada style can bring a grounding steady heartbeat to any space.

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