Smooth Your Move

Moving day is here and you are beginning a new chapter in your life and putting roots down in a new home. You've been dreaming about the new space, envisioning what furniture will go where and what colour to paint the living room.

Moving day can also be stressful. There is a lot to do and one always wants things to go as smoothly as possible. Whether you have hired movers or rounded up friends and relatives to help, here are a few things one can do to make moving day a pleasant day!

1. Have a Basic Floor Plan

This will save time and eliminate confusion. Drawing a floor plan of your new home and then tagging big furniture pieces accordingly allows the movers to know where to put what.

2. Be Present During the Packing and Moving

If you have hired professional movers to pack, pick-up and deliver your furniture and boxes it is wise to be on hand in case they have questions and also so you know what is going in the boxes.

3. Make it Easy on Friends and Family

If you are using friends and family in lieu of movers make it easy for them and be as organized as possible. Have all your boxes packed before they arrive so all they have to do is carry them to the van. Feed and water them sufficiently throughout the day!

4. Keep Children and Pets Out of the Way

No matter who is moving your stuff, barking dogs, hiding cats and energetic kids running around is distracting for the movers, unsafe for the children and stressful for the pets. If it is a school day perhaps arrange a play date for after school and take the pets to a day care for the day or two. Everyone will be able to focus and get the move done.

5. Ensure there is Parking for the Truck and if Needed Elevator Pre-Booked

When the truck or van arrives at the new place it will need a spot to park in and unload. If a house chances are you can pull up right out front. However Toronto has some narrow street and many one-way streets. Snow banks also reduce the amount of parking. If you are moving to an apartment or condo building, you may need to set up appropriate parking before hand and many new condos require deposits and pre-booking of the elevator. The building manager can answer these questions.


If you do find yourself getting tense or stressed out, take a moment and just breathe. It will immediately ground you and bring you back to the moment ensuring you keep your cool!

Heather Rovet
Sales Representative
Sage Real Estate

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