Design Trend: 70s FLASHBACK

We scouted the 2012 Interior Design Show to bring you some of the hottest interior trends for the coming year.

House Proud DesignTrends:

70s Flashback 

This trend invites us back to the shag carpet for fondue and another round of Pong. 
The 70s look is a one of contrasts with Ikea style Scandinavian utility on one end and glossy Studio 54 luxe lounge on the other. The ideal home at the time was a ranch style split-level house or bungalow and the 70s embraced a new suburban landscape and home style. Decorators sought to create environments that were individualistic and contemporary yet warm and inviting. The 70s look has a modern sensibility coupled with distinct and earthy materials for a style that is both retro and contemporary. 

Where To Find It :
Brown. Orange. Gold. Beige/ Oatmeal.
Teak wood. 'Danish Modern' look. Lacquer. Panelling. Felt. Shag. Smoked glass. 
Flocked /velvety upholstery and wall coverings.
Shapely hanging light fixtures.

Geometric patterns and prints. Simple lines.
Chunky, low and wide furniture pieces and seating. 
Storage furniture.

Decorating with 70s style creates a space that feels familiar, warm and playful.                              


IZM Modern Furniture Booth at IDS 2012.

Kitchen storage meets wood panelling at IDS 2012.

The Bare Sofa by Brothers Dressler.

Oversized low leather lounger and a modern take on wood panelling.

The 70s saw cane, rattan and other traditional materials used in new ways. This IDS artisan shows a traditionally crafted chair with a distinctively modern shape.

Fuzzy purple and gold all-over pattern with metallic accents at Osborne and Little.

The Bookseat is locally made and available with a felt cushion.

The Moonlight lamp shade by Anna Buechin.

Silvery snakeskin velvets at Osborne and Little.

This booth at the Interior Design Show has a distinctively 70s vibe with a low and wide oatmeal sofa reminiscent of a bean bag chair backed by a large white lacquered wall unit. The strong Shapes, Colours and Natural Elements give this room a look that is very current while still wonderfully timeless.

70s style does not take itself too seriously. This style helps create an environment that feels relaxed, creative and a bit nostalgic.

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