Design Trends: CIRCLE SQUARE

We scouted the 2012 Interior Design Show to bring you some of the hottest interior trends for the coming year.

House Proud DesignTrends:


This trend celebrates simple geometric shapes.
A 'Zen' style sophistication is acheived by emphasizing pure form and clean, uncluttered lines. Contrasting basic exaggerated shapes against stripped down backdrops creates visual interest and drama. A strong shape makes a single element or key furniture piece 'art' and the focal point of a space. Traditional pieces are made contemporary by eliminating embellishments and overstating form.

Where To Find It :
Lighting fixtures and fireplaces.
Primitive geometric patterns.
Oversized tables, mirrors and wall pieces.
Sofas, benches, side tables and stools.
The focal point of a space. 

The beauty and familiarity of strong, simple shapes brings a sense of restful harmony to interiors.

Suspended glass spheres create magical light at Bocci.

Fireplace at Paloform.

The 2012 Interior Design Show featured lots of wonderful old and reclaimed wood cuts and slabs, like these block stools.

Nickle circle sink from Native Trails.

Creating lit structures with Tensegrity Lights

Napoli Bathtub by Victoria + Albert.

Pure and simple shapes at Studio One Contemporary Glass.

Circles at Osborne and Little.

Wool felt continues to be a popular fabric for interiors. Here felt is used in scalloped lighting fixtures at IDS 2012.

Empress dresser by Heidi Earnshaw Design.

Whimsical bunkbed from Cedarworks.

Firepits by Paloform on display at IDS 2012.

Bring simple elegance to a space with pure form. Basic shapes are strengthened by deep colour and earthy, natural materials.

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