We scouted this years' Toronto Interior Design Show to bring you the latest in interior design.

Presenting House Proud DesignTrends

DesignTrend 1 : NATURAL WONDER

Nature's raw beauty is being being celebrated in 2012. 
Primitive natural materials and textures invite us to rekindle a love affair with the environment. Shapes, sillouettes and patterns are organic, simple and oversized. Colour blooms bold and uninhibited.

Where To Find It :
Fire: Flame. Stone fireplaces and fire pits. 
Water: Fountains. Waterfalls. Glass. Water motifs.
Earth: Cool riverstones and polished marble. Tiles slate and glossy. Living walls and growing things.
Wood: Smooth burnished wood grain. Rich reclaimed table tops. Textural twiggy nests. Folky handcrafted furniture.

Evocative natural elements blur the line between interior spaces and nature's constant splendor.


A garden room display by Earth Inc. was created inside a metal container. A full moss wall was created and a shapey stone fountain bubbled and water flowed down a channel. Specially positioned speakers saturated the lush green space with music.


The Water element ran through the Interior Design show. 
This soothing carpet is a rippling pool offering an opportunity to reflect and contemplate.

This vanity display at the IDS featured contrasting earthy twig and cool glass, rich wood tones and strong shapes. 
An oversized round 'nest' frame sits against a wall of watery rectangular glass tiles. A simple, deep oval sink tops a wooden dresser in this interplay of elements.
The neo-retro and crafty folding 'chaise transatlantique' by Brothers Dressler.                  

Goodnight fake logs. Fire pits and fireplaces now feature river stones and sand. 
The Miso Concrete Fire by Paloform.

Like an otherworldly giant pearl. Bewitching Glass Sphere by Studio One Contemporary Glass

Reminiscient of layered sedimentary rock, these grey slate subway tiles elongate and add depth.

 'Rootsy' wood bench by Studio Liscious.

The transparent fiber optic Black Fiber 55 Light by Refer Staer is reminicient of floating, ethereal Jellyfish.

Peaks and Valleys Coat Rack by Bettie Cott.

Old and salvaged wood is being reclaimed, appreciated, burnished and used to craft furniture with soul.
Primitive materials are used to create folky rustic tabletops, seating and shelving. Slab cube shelf by Brothers Dressler.

Organic blooming circles on crimson create a batik of sea creatures or cells on this statement carpet.

This year bring nature's inherent beauty and surprise to your spaces. With her perfect balance of unforced flamboyance with understatement, 
Mother Nature is a great decorating partner.

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