5 tips for tidying your home, the KonMari way

By now it seems the whole world is talking about Marie Kondo and her revolutionary method of tidying up, the KonMari method.  She has a new TV show where she will come to your house in all of her adorable glory, and walk you through the process step by step...maybe you've seen it?  Or maybe you've read her 2011 book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" 10 times already, and you're way ahead of the curve.  If you don't fall into either of those categories and you're hoping to avoid sitting through a season of Netflix, we've taken the liberty of compiling the 5 most important take aways for cleaning up this Spring season.

1. Tidy up by category, not room.

Take everything in your house from the applicable category,  pile it all into a central place, and proceed to sort item by item.  Marie Kondo divides the categories as follow:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Paper
  • Kimono (miscellaneous - anything that doesn't fall into the other categories)
  • Sentimental

She is very clear that each category should be done in order, as they are listed above. 

2. Use boxes to help the organizing process

As you finish sorting through each category, you're going to have to put the joyful items back in their rightful place.  Marie recommends dividing larger spaces (like drawers etc.) using various sized boxes.  This keeps smaller items within the drawer, in their designated spot.  For example, see the image below:

Don't limit your use of boxes to drawers though!  Properly organized and strategically placed throughout the home, containers are essential to keeping surfaces clutter free.  If you find yourself out of drawer space, you can create your own organizational boxes, perfect for keeping papers & miscellaneous items tidy, in any room:

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3. Only keep the items that "spark joy"

Ms. Kondo describes this as that feeling you get when you look at something that makes you happy, and something inside gives a little jump.  She suggests mindfully picking up each item, and paying attention to how it makes you feel within.  As you continue to sort through these categories, you'll learn to recognize that feeling and it will become easier to identify which items give you joy, therefore easier to remove unnecessary clutter from your home.

4. Folding is preferable to Hanging

Our clothing is happier folded nicely in a dresser, than hanging in the closet, Marie tells us.  When you're finished deciding which clothing items spark joy, and it's time to start putting things away, prioritize your drawers over your closet. And while you're at it, don't stack your t-shirts in that same old way you might be used to.  Marie insists that folding them vertically makes them easier to grab and easier to see what you're working with, selection-wise.  See the picture below:

5. Make it a family game

Maybe you have children running around who make it hard to do the thorough sorting job you might need.  Instead of succumbing to the distraction, make it a game that they can't resist playing.  What child would be able to hold out against the temptation of taking ALL the clothes in the house and throwing them on a pile in the floor?  Sounds like any 4 year old's dream!  If you include them in the process early on, tidying can become a fun activity for the kids to look forward to, instead of a stress inducing chore.

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