Create a Wonderful Winter Planter


Sad to see your garden go? 

This winter, take some comfort and joy in a sensational seasonal planter designed by YOU.

Here are tips for creating a warm, welcoming and wonderful outdoor arrangement:

  • The more plant variety and material you have, the better the look. Select 2-3 different greens for a mix of colour and texture. Greenery could include blue spruce, juniper or white pine. 

  • Have some clippers ready for trimming and floral wire handy for fastening or shaping. 

  • Make sure your container is frost-proof. Using soil or sand in concrete pots over winter can cause them to crack. Instead, use wet floral foam, grapevine balls or chicken wire in your pot to support your arrangement. 

  • Add the tall elements first. Dogwood, birch or curly willow branches or large pine boughs work well. The longest pieces should not exceed the height of the pot or your arrangement may appear top-heavy. 

  • Use cedar or another trailing plant to create a soft drape around the planter edge. Wire if necessary. 

  • After you have arranged the tall elements and edging, fill the planter gaps with your assortment of greenery, holly, pine cones, berries, eucalyptus or magnolia leaves. Angle your pieces at 45 degrees so they lean out and over the container.
    • Overstuff your container for maximum impact. 
    • Elements like artificial apples or pears, frosted Christmas decorations or twig balls can add interest and texture to your display. 

    • For added sparkle, consider ways to creatively light your arrangement. 

    This gift keeps on giving! Winter arrangements assembled in November can be enjoyed right up until March with only occassional touch ups. 

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