Maximize Your Patio Potential This Summer!

The gorgeous summer weather is finally shining down upon us and that means one really important thing, patio time.It is so nice to be able to sit outside, read a book, have a drink, eat a meal or even watch a movie! Turn your backyard, deck or balcony into an extension of your home by creating a welcoming and comfortable space. 

1. Decorate Your Deck as an Extension of Your Home

This is a great time to use some vibrant colors that you've used to bring your exterior to life, and sample different types of styles. The benefit to this is that you have an exciting space to visit without spending a fortune. Most outdoor products like decking are made of materials that are cost efficient, and durable. This means that a little bit can go along way when working on a budget. Use matching pieces from inside your home continued onto your deck. Think of traffic patterns, moving past chairs or decorative items. Consider the sun movement when placing a table and chair set in a certain space. This is a good time to think about umbrella placement, or the installation of an awning.  Remember, your deck is a means to an end; it's a platform for the memories you'll make with your family and friends.

2Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Having separate serving pieces for the outside area is a great way to divide the space between indoors and outdoors. This is a great way to express your colorful side. Try using bright prints or solid block colors. Deck design is based on the same philosophical design approaches and labels such as contemporary, traditional and the most common, Feng Shui. The last makes for perfect transition to the space, especially during entertaining. This will also help with perfect placement of your items to optimize the space, and to make the party conducive to the mood that you are striving to create.

3. Add  Personality to Your Deck

This is key to making the space your own. Add garden art that you feel would enhance the look of your deck. There are concrete sculptures that are just as imaginative as the art you would place inside your home. This adds life to the area, and is one more way for you to express your inner designer, without having to sacrifice the integrity of the overall look.

4. Decorative and Practical Materials to Consider for Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor materials are intended to be weather resistant, but in the case of flatware, dinnerware and serving pieces, that can be a bit more challenging. With glass one must always be cautious which let's face it after a couple glasses of wine is not always the easiest so plastic is a good alternative.  Go to any trendy home accessory store and you will find amazing plastic items that are attractive and do not even look like plastic!
Cushions are the next decorator item, which give your outdoor space the added wow factor. You can find a variety of cushions in fabric that is intended to be heat and moisture resistant.

5. Choose A Style That Best Fits Your Deck

If your deck is dark stain in colour, then consider using block colours in bright blues, greens and yellows. The combination of the dark wood with brighter colours presents a nice contrast that allows all elements to be the focal points. If your deck is a lighter colour patterns will compliment the wood and really pop! Make your space really come to life with lots of colour, vibrant textures, accessories and plants and flowers.You could even build a mini water fountain and create a zen oasis.

Another fun thing that my friends and I used to do years ago was to wheel the tv and vcr (yes that long ago!) outside and we would watch movies. Today in the age of ipads, lap tops and portable dvd players this is super easy and it is like going to the drive in movies in your own back yard.  It is really cool to watch a movie outside under the stars!

So I encourage you to get outside and start soaking up the sun in your newly transformed outdoor space.  Let me know how you are enjoying your summer.

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Happy Summer to You!


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