3 Keys to Quick Springtime Curb Appeal

Just when you may have given up hope- another winter gives way to new life.
It is an energizing and exciting time filled with potential.
A lot of us get that irrepressible urge this time of year to open the windows, air out the place and do some spring cleaning. This year, consider the outside of your home as well as the inside. You can drastically improve your home’s appearance with some elbow grease- no remodeling required!

Remembering these Easy 3 Steps are guaranteed to enhance your home’s appearance this Spring. So get down and a bit dirty! The results are so worth it.

1. Bust the Dirt

Blast away winter grime. Pressure wash dirty siding, dingy decks, driveways, walkways and outdoor furniture.

Clean windows and screens, and remove debris from gutters. Try using old newspapers and vinegar on window glass. If you have any essential oils, a few drops of lemon, grapefruit or lavender oil are nice additions to natural cleaning concoctions.

Give your front door a good wash or, even better- paint it! Consider your front door the focal point- choose a colour that works with your home’s neighbourhood and history, façade and shutters or landscaping. Or work with a colour expert an choose a dynamic contrasting colour. (See an arresting example of using a contrasting colour HERE, where a potentially awkward entrance becomes a stylish signature with the right colour.)

Our first HPS Curb Appeal article focused on ‘The Front Door’. Read it HERE.

2. Spruce It Up

Repair any loose or broken porch spindles or boards. Hows your trim looking? Does it need minor repairs or touching up?

Replace worn or frayed door mats or runners.

Get a new house number! A beautiful new slate address sign or stylish cast aluminum numbers can instantly update your front entrance.

Reduce clutter. Less is more, always! Really. ALWAYS.

Store or dispose of excess stuff- sports and gardening equipment, recycling bins or bikes.

ANY seasonally innappropriate decoration must go. So toss that decomposing pumpkin already, and take down the Christmas lights!

3. Flaunt Your Green Thumb

Trim any tree limbs that are near or touching your home’s roof.

Are your shrubs trimmed? Shrubs should not be allowed to grow in front of windows. If they are overgrown, they will age your home and reduce its perceived size.

Consider covering up a flaw by planting vines. Use a trellis, string or wire to protect wood and mortar.

Create visual excitement simply with colourful annuals at the base of your porch, in hanging baskets or a container.

Give a bit of time and love to your home this season. Have fun with it! Get outside, roll up your sleeves and start with one project. The results will brighten and encourage you, like the spring sunshine.