Place Looking Tired? Simple Tricks to Update Your Home Now


Look around and ask yourself how your home looks and feels- Right now.

Is your environment supporting a harmonious state of mind? Do your surroundings uplift or inspire?

It's easy to breathe new life into a tired space. Here are 5 basic and inexpensive ways to refresh and revive your home today!

Restore Your Door. If your front door is old, worn out or has peeling paint, you have several options. Buy a replacement door from a building centre for as little as $165. Paint your door a signature colour, or install a decorative window and let light in. A door with character will enhance curb appeal and bring a smile to your face every time you come home. 

Rejuvenate with Colour. Refreshing home areas that are used most (the foyer, living room or kitchen for example) will create impact and energy. Deliver design punch to rooms with interesting accent cushions, bright curtain panels or a bold accent wall.  

Refresh the Trim. Think about replacing or painting any scuffed or non-existent baseboards and/or trim. New trim starts at less than a dollar per linear foot for pre-painted “easy to install” plastic. Crown molding adds drama and architecture to a foyer, living room or dining room.

Update Switches, Plugs and Plates. An often overlooked but effective home update is replacing all old and painted over light switches with new plates, and to buy new dimmers, controls and plugs. It’s possible to refresh an entire house for less than $100. If you are handy, plug receptacles can be replaced with a newer, square style.  

Make-Over Dull Interior Doors. Take all ugly brown slab doors, add some inexpensive molding and paint them white. While this final project suggestion is a bit more intensive overall, the payoff is basic hollow-core doors transformed to appear expensive, clean and unified. Find an attractive new doorknob or handle in a complementary style or finish from about $10.

It’s easy to renew the spark in your home relationship. These refreshing and easy changes will increase the value of your home and can have you “loving it again”. 

Louise Green is a Renovation Consultant in Toronto.

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Louise assists homeowners in planning and managing successful renovations.

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