Opening the Cottage? Use this Handy Checklist!

Cottage season is ON!

Use this list and take care of ALL those little jobs and details around the cottage now, so you can kick back and enjoy a long, relaxing and safe cottage season- free from maintenence concerns or hassles! 

The House Proud Handy Cottage Care Checklist 

First, do a preliminary walk around inspection of cottage :

  • Check the power lines. Is there any evidence of fraying or any down wires?
  • Check along foundation and chimney for cracks and water damage.
  • Inspect outside and deck for rotten wood and areas in need of painting and repair.
  • Take down any shutters. Ensure all glass panes and windows well sealed and adequately caulked. Put up screens and patch any holes.
  • Inspect the eaves and roof for missing shingles or holes.
  • Clean debris from eavestroughs, under decks and fire pit.
  • Remove tree branches that have been damaged by snow or that are too close to roof.
  • Gather loose brush for kindling.
  • Clean barbeque and check propane tank and connection.

How’s the water intake system? Replace filters. Check for water damage/stains. Check pipes for loose connections. Prime and start the pump. Check water pressure and quaility. Fill the hot water tank before turning on the heating element.

Be sure all pipes leading to sceptic tank are water tight and that components and pump are in good working order. Ensure sceptic tank has been emptied in accorandance to area regulations.

Inside the cottage :

  • Inspect windows, seals and locks. Repair sticky doors and windows, fix broken panes and replace old putty and weatherstripping.
  • Check baseboard heaters, switches and outlets for damage. Replace fuses if necessary.
  • Inspect and replace furnace and appliance filters.
  • Check flashlights, smoke and carbon minoxide detectors and replace needed batteries. Stock up on candles and matches.
  • Inspect appliances for chewed wires or corrosion. It is wise to have any gas appliances professionally inspected to start the season. 
  • Thorough dusting, cleaning, unwrapping furnishings. Look for signs of mould or rot. Let in lots of air.
  • Look in closets, cupboards and cubby holes for mouse droppings and spiders. Have any birds nested in vents or chimney? Remove any mothballs and insect or rodent poisons. Be careful and wear rubber gloves. Block any mouse holes with steel wool.

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Have a wonderful, safe summer at the cottage!

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