SAMI is Charming, Friendly and Approachable

Charming. Friendly. Approachable. One of a Kind. SAMI custom ceramic address plaques are a fresh take on old-world charm. Brings a playful, fresh look to a small house, condo or townhome. SAMI signs compliment a painted door or porch with style. Creamy white earthenware signs hand painted and glazed. One Size : 5.5" x 7.5". 4 Border Colors- Black, Red, Blue and Green. Black Number. Weather resistant and sturdy. Featuring playful Gil Sans font....

A Nearly Perfect Typeface

One of the most popular typefaces of the 20th century Helvetica emerged from the work of Swiss designers in the 1950s and 60s. Helvetica Light was designed by Stempel’s artistic director Erich Schultz-Anker, in conjunction with Arthur Ritzel. Notable features of Helvetica include the termination of all strokes on exactly horizontal or vertical lines. "Helvetica swept through the design world in the ‘60’s and became synonymous with modern, progressive, cosmopolitan...

Feng Shui : Books in the Bedroom?

Chi is the constant, invisible flow of energy. Chi is called the “dragon’s breath of the universe” and practitioners believe nothing can prosper or flourish without smoothly flowing Chi.A negative Chi flow, which may be either excessive or insufficient, is known as Sha. Sha energy is disharmonious with negative effects. According to Feng Shui, books in the bedroom do not promote restful sleep. "Keep books and magazines to a minimum."...

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Inspired Entrance : Front Door Fusion

Elements for Creating an Inspired Entrance FUSION This Front Door Look Is: Warm, Organic and Sophisticated. Asian and Mission Influences.  Clean lines. Balance. Simplicity. Modern classic. Contemporary yet earthy. Striking hits of color and strong shapes. Geometry. Great for family homes, sturdy, solid and fresh.  Rhythm and patterns. Repetition.  Natural stone and slate. Burnished and brushed metals. Weaves and ropes.   Mission inspired lighting fixture dark bronze from  ...

House Proud Cast Aluminum Numbers and Letters

4 Styles 4 Finishes Many Sizes Made to Order from House Proud Signs  

Oh RITCHIE You're So Fine

  Cool. Sleek. Distinct.  RITCHIE Custom Signs URBANO Numbers mounted on MDO sign board.Available in 3 exterior semi gloss colours.Sign base measures 10"W x 5"H x 1/4"D.3" Urbano Numbers available in 3 finishes.Mounting system and hardware included. Fits up to 6 Numbers or Letters. Available exclusively from House Proud Signs.

Happy Family Day

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5 Tips for Successful Home Staging

Are you planning to sell your home? Proper staging excites potential buyers and will raise your asking price. Anyone selling should consider hiring a professional stager which can offer a big return on investment. A good stager will appeal to buyers by maximizing the potential of your space using design know-how and ingenuity. Here are some before and after shots of a recent condo staging. Whether hiring a pro or...

NEW House Signs and Condo Numbers

new variations Spring 2015 finished cast aluminum numbers mounted on painted mdo sign board. House Proud Signs and Numbers Unique House Numbers and Address Signs    

Natural Beauty meets Modern Style

CRISPIN and FUJI signs from House Proud marry quality cast metal numbers with eco-friendly recycled orchard wood. These signs are one of a kind, handmade, custom number signs. Crafted from salvaged apple wood from the trees of a dying Brampton, Ontario orchard, these signs are not only beautiful but a beautiful way to preserve this gorgeous wood and special heritage. In collaboration with Storyboard Furniture of Toronto, House Proud is now able...

Jack Be Nimble

Simple. Clean. Natural.  Welcome JACK. The newest house number signs from House Proud Signs. These beautiful natural black slate house numbers are engraved with a silver, gold or white inlay. JACK slate house number signs are custom made in Canada.  These sleek number plaques are 7.75" Square and fit up to 4 numbers. Order a JACK custom house number with engraved with silver, gold or white inlay. Border is optional....